Garden Queen

  • $62.00
  • $35.00

All arrangements are Designer's Choice and celebrate the seasonality of flowers and the range of colors.

Flower types, varieties and colors will change on a weekly and seasonal basis.

Our floral inventory is sourced from local flower farms whenever possible, national and international growers. From a weekly revolving availability we choose unique and interesting blooms to craft artfully arranged one-of-a-kind-pieces.

The flowers and vase depicted in the photo will be used or ones of comparable value as we have inventory that is constantly changing so that we can offer a fresh and an interesting floral inventory and stock list of ceramics.

The arrangement is chock full of Cafe au Lait Dahlias, Dijon Garden Roses, Ball Dahlias, Cineria Eucalyptus, Privet Berry, Lemonade Cosmos, Orange Snapdragons and Sea Oats designed in a 7' diameter vase. This is out Luxe size at $196.00