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With your vision and style, we work with our brides and couples to custom design your wedding florals.

We focus on sourcing gorgeous and sustainably grown flowers from local farms and from international growers.

Your wedding floral decor is created to be just as unique and special as your love, utilizing interesting and unique flowers and foliage and creating color palettes that pull from all the tints and tones of the color wheel.

We consider the whole style and feel of your wedding decor. The vessels that your flower arrangements are presented in are also carefully chosen and part of the finished package of wedding design.

We offer consultations (by phone, Zoom, or in-person), full service weddings, and on-site setup.

Wedding Florist Columbus OH

Jewelweed works with the best florals from our local growers, bringing a touch of wild beauty to every event.


If you’re planning a small intimate ceremony or taking an adventure out of town to exchange your vows we offer a-la-carte design options for bouquets, flower crowns, boutonnieres and corsages to put that special floral touch on your wedding day.

Custom Wedding Flowers

Flowers are the cherry on top of a full wedding day celebration. Whether you have one bridesmaid or a large wedding party we custom design unique flower bouquets, floral installations and wearable florals for family. Our design style is intentional details, gorgeous and unique flower combinations and modern and elegant naturalism. Floral centerpieces coupled with carefully selected vases, taper candles and accessories adds drama and personality to your tablescape. 

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