Hoya Speckle in Pink Earthenware

  • $165.00

The gorgeous vining Hoya Pubicalyx Speckle potted the equally unique and eye catching pink clay planter handmade by Katie Troisi pottery in Atlanta, Georgia. The Hoya Speckle is a vining, epiphytic tropical plant with succulent style leaves native to the Philippines.

This plant will flourish in a bright indirect light and likes the top 2" of soil to dry out between waterings! The Hoya family likes bright indirect light and humidity - we recommend showing your plant to water adding a little extra cleanse to its waxy leaves.

Plant potted in planter approximate dimensions are 5"Hx8"W = overall footprint is around 14 inches. 

- Easy care!

- Vining foliage plant.

- Likes bright light.