Ficus Elastica Rubber Plant in Blush Hourglass Planter

  • $96.00
The attractive Ficus Elastica Rubber Plant bush is a beautiful plant do add to any space. A relative classic in the houseplant culture, the rubber plant likes bright diffused and some direct bright light but can tolerate medium lighting conditions. Water when soil is about 3 quarters of the way dry. You can up the watering in the summer months to when the top half is dry. The Ficus Elastica likes its shiny waxy leaves washed whenever it appears dusty with a damp cloth.
It is potted in a subtle blush pink planter. The top comes off and reveals a removable piece that collects water.  
The planter measures 9 inches at the base, 10.75 inches tall by 8.5 inches in diameter at the top.